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Cast It Out: The Call to Set People Free

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IF Jesus spent one-third of His ministry casting out demons, why do so many churches virtually ignore deliverance?

By Reading this book, I will understand the purpose behind casting out demonic entities and why all Christians are called to set the captives free.

Brief Summary:

For years, Baptist pastor Greg Locke believed deliverance ministry and supernatural signs and wonders were just hyped-up “charismaniac” nonsense. But then God removed his denominational lenses and showed him what the Bible actually says about the gifts of the Holy Spirit—and his life and ministry haven’t been the same. Suddenly, people started getting healed in his services. Miracles and wonders abounded. And Locke was casting out demons in Sunday services that lasted until 2:30 the next morning.

Today, the firebrand preacher is well-known for his popular documentary Come Out in Jesus’ Name and teaches others how to help people get free of demonic oppression. In Cast It Out, the third book in his Spiritual Warfare Series, Locke testifies of what the Lord has done in his life and ministry and shares the biblical truth and inspired revelations God used to erase all his doubts about the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit. In what he considers his most important work yet, Locke addresses:

  • What the Bible says about deliverance
  • Whether Christians can be demonized
  • Popular objections to deliverance ministry
  • How Jesus dealt with demons

Locke believes the church is on the cusp of the most important spiritual awakening in the history of Christianity and we must all be prepared to engage in what Jesus spent one-third of His ministry doing: casting out demons. In this book, he offers biblical answers to the most pressing deliverance questions and equips readers to help others find true freedom and healing in Christ.

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About the Author

Greg Locke is the founding and lead pastor of Global Vision Bible Church in Mount Juliet, Tennessee, just outside Nashville. The social media firebrand is the producer of the flm Come Out in Jesus' Name and host of the top-rated podcast, On Point With Pastor Greg Locke. He has a bachelor’s degree in biblical studies and a master’s degree in revival history, and is a revivalist and popular speaker in churches and political circles alike. The Lord has blessed him with one of the largest social media platforms in the nation, and Global Vision’s livestream ministry reaches people around the world. Locke and his wife, Taisha, have six children and work hand in hand in the ministry, seeking to reach those who are broken and have been forgotten by the church.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Casting out demons

How can you cast out a demon when you are putting down other leaders? This book can’t help
Me if, you can’t live it. 🤷🏽‍♀️


Idiotic scum

Tary Taylor
Greg Locke is the perfect power bottom

..... He can't even string a coherent sentence. His views are that of a mentally challenged right wing inbred pedophile.....

I thought I was living a Christian life …

… there I was, living like a good Christian, or so I thought. I was loving my neighbor, forgiving, trying to be a kinder, more compassionate person, building bridges with our brothers and sisters of other faiths, giving to the poor, showing mercy, helping the lowliest among us. I picked up this book and realized I WAS LIVING A LIE! Pastor Greg showed me that a good Christian life is actually all about calling for death and destruction of those who are not like me. It’s about living the Bible - but only the parts that benefit ME and not humanity. It’s about celebrating when innocent people die. And it’s especially about giving MONEY MONEY MONEY to the Lockes! Thank you, Pastor Greg, for turning my life around! Never again will I show kindness and compassion to others. God bless!

Barry McTavish
Book for fools

This man has no clue . His values are the opposite of good. Recommended for people of low IQ